April 30, 2020

16 Wonderful Ways Mommies Can Get Support During This Pandemic

With having to juggle being a mother, teacher, and constant entertainer for their little ones, I know my mommies out there are finding it especially difficult to navigate life’s challenging moments during COVID-19. I’m giving you 16 awesome resources for mommies to get support during this pandemic!

1) March of Dimes Hopes to Improve Mothers and Babies’ Health

This non profit organization is offering a plethora of resources for you and your child such as apps, virtual support groups, Facebook live events with special guests, and more. They have a fund that supports COVID-19 research, prevention and treatment. MofD will also provide food to NICU workers. More information and guidance is on their blog, New Moms Need.

2) Copious Amounts of Support From Sesame Street

Sesame Street just launched their ‘Caring for Each Other’ Initiative, which helps families stay physically and mentally healthy. You can find more information on this in my recent blog post, Sesame Street Providing Valuable Resources for Families During a Pandemic.

3) Amazon Prime Member’s Baby Registry Box

For Amazon Prime members, if you sign up for their baby registry, Amazon will send you a Welcome Box for free with many helpful products for childcare including baby wipes, multivitamins, and so much more! Products will vary from box to box. Sign up today on Amazon!

4) Target Member’s Baby Registry Box

Similar to Amazon Prime, if you sign up for Target’s baby registry, they will send you a Baby Registry Gift Bag for free. These products can include diapers, pacifiers, bottles from brands like Huggies and Graco, and more!

5) Gerber’s Baby Gift Box

Sign up for a MyGerber account, and Gerber will send you free goodies from their company. They will also send surprise gifts to members such as bibs and formula. Register on Gerber.com!

6) Cuties Baby Diapers

Cuties is offering new mommies a free sample of their diapers! Provide your shipping information and diaper size, and you’ll be sent a sample pack. Get your free pack here.

7) Free Baby Dove Samples

Like many other brands, Baby Dove is offering free samples for people who join their mailing list. One product can be a shampoo for your baby’s soft hair. As a member of their mailing list, you’ll also be emailed about awesome childcare tips and product sales.

8) Medela’s Free Samples of Breastfeeding Products

Sign up with Medela’s The Mom’s Room community, and you will receive a box of free samples of breastfeeding products with free shipping. Some products included nursing pads and breast milk storage bags. So important for new mommies!

9) Similac Supports Pregnant Moms

Pregnant mommies can enjoy free full-size formula cans and coupons from Similac’s Strongmoms Club. You can get up to $400 in products! Sign up for their club today!

10) Prenatal Vitamins Essential For Your Baby’s Growth

Fill out Vitafol’s form, and they will send you a 12-day sample kit of ULTRA-FirstStep Supplements. Just make sure to confirm your request by clicking on the email they will send you!

11)  Free Baby Leggings (Just Pay Shipping!)

Babyleggings.com is offering one pair of free leggings for babies. Just put one in your cart, and use promo code rookie2. That way, you will only have to pay for shipping, and your baby will be cozy and fashionable before you know it!

12) Coupons for Much Needed Formula

Storebrandformula.com is offering free coupons for tons of store brand formula to help you in a pinch! You can print the coupons out right away for immediate savings from nationwide stores like CVS and Walmart.

13) Enfamil Promises Strong Beginnings for Little Babies

Sign up for Enfamil’s Family Beginnings program, and they will send you free products such as formula samples and lots of unique coupons. They also provide expert advice for any mothers needing assistance, especially in this troubling time.

14) Help for Healthcare Worker Moms

If you are a mom who is an essential worker, there are many free products and discounts you can take advantage of. Some include a free pillow from Mattress Firm, a free Real Good Foods care package, and a free Fitcrunch care package from Fitcrunch for people on the front lines. Find more on Money Saving Mom’s blog!

15) Helpful Hotline

Action for Healthy Kids recommends looking out for your local food bank for free meals and nonperishable foods.

16) Salvation Army Provides Comfort To the Most Vulnerable

Food, toiletries, and clothing are just some of the items you can get from this caring organization. They have been around for years with it’s well-known, trustworthy brand. Find out how you can receive aid in your state on The Salvation Army website!

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