March 15, 2019

5 Comfort Food Recipes to Take to a Mom in Need

Here are 5 of my favorite super-simple recipes to take to a mom-in-need – a great way to support a friend.

Simple recipes to show your support to your mom friend

Today’s standards for motherhood are really daunting—social media perpetuates unrealistic expectations of what being a mom should look like. Relying on friends and family is what makes parenting possible, but it’s also important to be the village and lend support when it’s needed.

One of my go-to solutions for moms in need is bringing them a meal to serve or freeze.

Here are some of my favorite, super simple recipes. Try them out and be the village!

1 Parmesan Bow Tie Pasta with Chicken

Image by Taste of Home
Image by Taste of Home

The Italian in me craves pasta...all the time! It’s one of my favorite things to bring over to a friend with kids, because who doesn’t love pasta covered in butter?! Parents can cut up the pasta for easy finger food for little ones. Plus, adding veggies and chicken makes it a well-rounded meal.

2 Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup

Image by delish
Image by delish

Good for the soul and so yummy! Soup is such a comfort food, especially on a chilly March night. It’s so easy to make if you have a crock pot; it takes ten minutes to prep the ingredients, throw them in the pot and then you can forget about it for hours. Bring this over to a friend’s house with a loaf of warm bread and she’ll love you forever.

3. Weeknight Pasta Squiggles

Image by Taste of Home
Image by Taste of Home

How cute are these noodles! This dish is as tasty as it is fun, and with ground turkey, it’s a healthier option. You could also swap in chicken sausages, or leave out the meat entirely for vegetarian diets. Chop up some peppers or broccoli to sneak in a serving of veggies that moms will appreciate.

4. Spaghetti and Meatballs

Image by Martha Stewart
Image by Martha Stewart

OK, by now you’re probably understanding the extent of my pasta obsession, but spaghetti and meatball are classic—and have something for everyone! This recipe only takes 30 minutes. For little ones who haven’t quite warmed up to red sauce yet (just you wait, kids!), set some plain noodles aside for them. If there’s a gluten allergy in the family, you can easily swap the pasta for zucchini noodles. Vóila!

5. Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese

Image by Taste of Home
Image by Taste of Home

This is such a great recipe because it’s the best of both worlds––the food that kids love and moms can feel good about! Adding in squash keeps the dish creamy and delicious, and gives it the orange color little ones look for in their mac. It’s super easy to whip up and makes six servings, so mom can save the leftovers for kids’ lunches the next day!

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