November 4, 2021

Get Into a “Gratitude Groove” – Easy Hacks To Make “Thankfulness” a Habit

If you’re a fan of music from the 60s, perhaps these lyrics ring a bell: “Giving thanks for what I’ve got makes me so much happier than keeping score!” If you didn’t already know, that’s a lovely line from Art Garfunkel’s song “Grateful.” Be sure to give it a listen anytime you need to add a little extra gratitude in your life.

If you’re a fan of music from the 60s, perhaps these lyrics ring a bell:

“Giving thanks for what I’ve got makes me so much happier than keeping score!”

If you didn’t already know, that’s a lovely line from Art Garfunkel’s song “Grateful.” Be sure to give it a listen anytime you need to add a little extra gratitude in your life.

I recommend mommas try to make gratitude the attitude in their homes. There are now tons of evidence that shows the earlier mommas teach little ones to be grateful, the greater chance they will grow to be compassionate adults. 

Recent studies also suggest little ones who have a regular gratefulness routine tend to have better grades, less anxiety, and a greater sense of joy. Being grateful is also a wonderful way to practice self-care and give you and your kiddo all the warm and fuzzy feelings!

Thankfully, there are plenty of effortless ways new mommas could start teaching kids to have a grateful attitude. Here are a few daily gratitude activities for your kiddos.

Four Ways Mommas Could Get into a “Gratitude Groove”

Keep a Gratitude Journal

The easiest way to get into a grateful mood is to start keeping a gratitude journal. As the name implies, this diary is dedicated to everything you feel thankful for in your life.

You don’t have to take long with these journal assignments. Just three minutes a day is usually all you and your kiddo need to feel a lovely sense of appreciation. Even just a few minutes of gratitude journaling each day is a great way to incorporate some self-care into your family’s routine.  

If you’re struggling with writer’s block, don’t worry! Staring at a blank page can be intimidating, especially if you have never kept a diary.

Thankfully, there are plenty of gorgeous gratitude journals available online. Instead of looking at dreaded blank sheets of paper, these cute booklets have prompts that help you and your little one produce ideas. I suggest browsing the many pre-made gratitude journals online to see what suits your style.  

Put Out a Thankfulness Jar

Another common way new mommas add gratefulness is by placing a “thankfulness jar” in their homes. Be sure to put this container in a prominent area with a pen and a few sheets of paper nearby.

Once your jar is set, encourage everyone in your home to write one thing they’re grateful for each day and drop it into the container. At the end of each week, gather to read through what everyone wrote. 

You can even include your village in using the thankfulness jar! At the next gathering with your village, encourage everyone to write down one thing they feel thankful for and place it in the jar. I bet you’ll all feel warm and fuzzy inside after reading all the kind words in this magical jar!

While there are thankfulness jars available online, any pretty container will work for this trick. Your kiddos could even bring out their creative side and design their own thankfulness jar!

Write Crafty and Kind Letters  

In our era of text messages and e-mails, it takes real dedication to sit down and write a letter the “old school” way. Yes, I’m talking about breaking out a pen, paper, and envelopes (do you remember those?).

For those of you who know me, you already know that I absolutely LOVE a good thank you letter — writing them, sending them, receiving them — it makes my heart sing! Taking the time and effort to write a thank you letter is a beautiful way to help your kiddo understand the power of positive words. These letters could also help strengthen bonds with friends and family — and you know how I’m always looking for ways to build your village!

As a bonus, the National Literacy Trust found that little ones who write letters have a higher chance of reading for pleasure. And the more your kiddos love reading, the better chances they’ll succeed in school.

Looking for more tips to get your kiddo interested in reading? Be sure to check out this previous blog post!  

Jam Out with Your Kiddos – The Power of Music!

It doesn’t matter what kind of music you’re into, there’s no denying the positive mood that listening to one of your favorite songs puts you in. Introducing your kiddos to the power of music at an early age is a wonderful way to keep their brains thinking positively!

A positive mind is a grateful mind, so if you or your little one struggles to express gratitude, why not play some tunes in the background — or maybe even have a dance party? At the very least, nurturing a love for music will give your child a positive outlook in life. Plus, jamming out to music is a fun way you can practice self-care with the whole family!           

Don’t Wait Until Thanksgiving to Give Thanks!

I’ll admit, it’s challenging to be grateful 24/7. Hey, we’re all human. However, the more you add gratitude to your routine, I bet you’re going to get addicted to all those positive vibes! One way you can give thanks year-round is by telling your loved ones in your village how grateful you are for them for all their support. As you make gratitude a habit, you and your little one will begin to see every situation in a new light.

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