January 15, 2021

Make Bathtime “Bonding Time” (With Bubbles!) – Five Tips To Keep Your Little One Safe During Tub Time

Many kids love a sudsy “scrub-a-dub-dub” in the tub. However, I also know a few new mommas who complain about tub time torture! Even if your kiddo likes splashing around, it can be difficult for new mommas to get a hold of their squirmy, soapy little one!

Many kids love a sudsy “scrub-a-dub-dub” in the tub. However, I also know a few new mommas who complain about tub time torture! Even if your kiddo likes splashing around, it can be difficult for new mommas to get a hold of their squirmy, soapy little one!

Thankfully, there are a bunch of tips out there that will get your little one squeaky clean without too much stress. If you put these baby bathtime tips into practice, I bet you and your little one will enjoy a more soothing spa session.  

Five Supermom Strategies for Safe “Soapy Time”

Safety First! – How To Make Bathtime Safe for Kids

First off, I can’t talk about baby bathtime tips without stressing the importance of safety. And since January is Bath Safety Month, this info is even more relevant for new mommas.

The most significant safety tip is to never leave your little one unattended. Turn off your cell phone and put everything you need for a successful bath within arm’s reach. You don’t want to take your eyes or hands off of that precious baby for even one second. Not to alarm you, but safety experts say babies can drown in less than two inches of water.

Here are a few other safe bathtime tips for kids:

What Is the “Goldilocks” Bath Temperature?

Sticking with the safety theme, new mommas must double check their water heater’s temp before preparing a baby’s bath. According to Seattle Children’s Hospital, it doesn’t take extremely high temps to scald a tiny tyke’s tender skin.

Most safety experts recommend turning down your water heater’s temp to a max of 120° F. Be sure to test your water’s temp with your elbow before bringing your baby in for bathtime. You’ll know the water is right if it feels slightly above lukewarm (or about 100° F, to be precise).    

Mellow Out With A Mommy Shower Before Baby Bathtime!

On the subject of water temp, many mommas recommend taking a hot shower before baby bathtime. Not only will this warm shower put you in a mellow mood, it can also add warmth and humidity to your bathroom.

Little ones love temperatures that lean on the warmer side, so this pre-shower is a great way to create a kid-approved climate. Ideally, the air temperature in your bathroom should be in the high 70s F. If you find your baby is still getting chilly during bathtime, Pampers recommends wrapping his or her tummy with a damp towel.

How High Should Mommas Fill The Tub?  

Now that you know about water temp, you may be wondering how much water to pour for a baby bath. In general, pediatricians recommend no more than 2 to 3 inches of water (or up to your little one’s adorable belly button).

However, some scientists argue you could use enough water to reach your little one’s shoulders, provided he or she can sit upright. While this might seem like way too much water, experts claim the extra warmth will keep your kiddo calm.

No matter how much water you use, please never let your little one out of your sight or grasp.

When Is the Best Time for a Baby Bath? It Depends!  

Even if you’ve created the ideal bath environment, it could all be for naught if your bathtime doesn’t line up with your little one’s demanding schedule.

While there’s no ideal tub time, you should avoid giving your little one a bath when they’re hungry or they’ve just eaten. You want your baby to be relaxed but not sleepy.

Mommas also have to consider how their little one reacts to a bath. I’ve heard from many mommas who incorporate a soothing bath into their bedtime routine. However, if your child feels invigorated after a bath, you may want to try an early morning session.

Bonus Tip: Only Buy Baby-Approved Bubbles!

Although I’ve mentioned suds and soap a few times above, that doesn’t mean you need to load your tub with bubbles. I know many new mommas have enough trouble handling their kiddo without a tub full of slippery suds. However, if you’re going to add bubbles to the bath, please only use the gentlest, baby-approved products.

So, what did you think of my safe bathtime tips for kids? Do you have a few safety suggestions of your own? If so, be sure to reach out to me via DM @windycitynanny!

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