December 3, 2020

Struggling to Play Santa This Year? – Check Out My 2020 Holiday Gift Ideas for Kids!

Christmas wish lists have certainly gone "2.0" in the past few years. Instead of trains and trinkets, most kids nowadays want high-tech toys that need more than a few AA batteries. With so many gizmos and gadgets in our tech-savvy world, it's easy for new mommas to "short circuit" as they scan store shelves.

Christmas wish lists have certainly gone "2.0" in the past few years. Instead of trains and trinkets, most kids nowadays want high-tech toys that need more than a few AA batteries. With so many gizmos and gadgets in our tech-savvy world, it's easy for new mommas to "short circuit" as they scan store shelves.  

While everyone knows about iPhones, Alexa devices, and video game consoles, there are a few holiday gift ideas that can light up your little one's eyes without a charging cable. Don't believe me? Check out my 2020 holiday gift guide for kids below!

These unique gifts will help spark your little one's creativity and curiosity. If you're interested in any of the kids gift ideas below, be sure to click the provided links.  

Three Fun Gifts for Infants to 2-year-olds

Sophie La Girafe Teething Toy

Do you have a teething tyke at home? Then you might want to introduce them to Sophie the giraffe! No, I'm not talking about an actual giraffe; I'm talking about the adorable French-made teething toy.

Made with 100 percent natural rubber, Sophie La Girafe has been a standard toy for toddlers since the 1960s. Not only is this toy safe for kiddos to sink their teeth into, it's easy to wash — and super cute to boot!

Wee Gallery Art Cards for Baby

It's never too early to encourage your kiddo's love of learning. That's why I suggest looking into the fantastic set of furry fellas on Wee Gallery Art Cards.

No, these aren’t artsy-fartsy cards you'd find in a gallery…although the bold black-and-white animal prints sure are alluring. According to Wee Gallery, artists created these cards to stimulate your kiddo's visual perception.

As your little ones mature, you'll be amazed as they begin to recognize each of these adorable animals. Definitely add this card set to your nighttime bonding ritual!  

Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube

I'll be honest: there are a bunch of musical toys that could give mommas migraines. Thankfully, the Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube can introduce your little one to the world of music without injuring your eardrums.

This interactive toy has a set of buttons, each of which corresponds to a different classical instrument. Let your little one hit the "orchestra button" and watch as each instrument lights up in time with a Mozart masterpiece. But don't worry, there's a control on the side so you can easily adjust the volume.      

While this toy might not turn your little munchkin into the next Mozart, it will certainly introduce them to the beautiful world of classical music.

Help Your Preschoolers "Make The Grade" With These Gift Ideas (3 – 5-year-olds)

Strider 12 Sport Balance Bike

Learning to ride a bike can be a rough rite of passage. So why not ease your little ones into a “big kid bike” with the Strider 12?

This non-pedal balance bike helps your little one get a feel for steering as they ride around town. Since this bike is height adjustable, you can use this Strider model from 18 months to five-years-old.

The more you take your kiddo out  on this balance bike, the better chance they can pick up bicycle riding without training wheels!  

Chalk of the Town Purple Heart Chalkboard T-Shirt

Who says chalk was just made for asphalt? Yes, there is such a thing as a "chalk shirt," and it's pretty adorable!

Let your kiddo draw whatever inspires them in the heart-shaped center of this shirt, and then let them wear it around the home. Your  pint-sized Picassos will feel proud modeling their latest creations!  

Bookroo Subscription

Are you getting very tired re-reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar? Want to say "goodnight" to Goodnight Moon? If so, here's the book subscription plan for you: Bookroo!

Instead of focusing on the classics, Bookroo searches for high-quality, but lesser-known, children's books. Every month, your little one will receive an age-appropriate book that’s sure to add variety to their  bookshelves.

If you need more tips about getting kiddos interested in reading, be sure to take a peek at my ultimate book suggestions list.

Three Gift Suggestions For 6 – 8-year-olds

Klutz Sew-Your-Own Unicorn Bunny Slippers

In the chilly winter months, what’s cozier than wearing a pair of fluffy slippers? Well, how about sewing those slippers all by yourself?

The Klutz Unicorn Bunny Slipper kit can (safely!) introduce your little one to the art of sewing. While your kiddo might need a little guidance at the beginning, Klutz did its best to make this first foray into textiles as straightforward as possible.

At the end of all their hard work, your little one will have a pair of colorful and comfy slippers!    

Raddish Kids

Order a Raddish Kids subscription, and you'll never order out again! OK, that may be an exaggeration, but this meal inspiration plan should get your kiddos into the kitchen.

Every month, Raddish Kids will send you a fun gift box filled with recipes, fun facts, and even a few cooking tools. But don't feel too stressed—Raddish Kids will send you a complete shopping list via email before the monthly box arrives. As a bonus, Raddish Kids offers members access to an advice portal to help parents deal with picky eaters.

Speaking of "fickle foodies," I have an entire blog post dedicated to navigating this topic.

Educational Insights Artie 3000 Coding Robot

There's no sense denying it: we're all living in a tech-savvy age. So why not spark your kiddo's "computer curiosity" with the ultra-cute Artie 3000 Robot?  

Your kiddos can "teach" awesome Artie how to draw a wide variety of shapes by inputting the correct coding data. As a bonus, this robot has built-in WiFi, so all you need is an app-enabled device to get your "kiddo coders" going.

As your little one plays with Artie 3000, they'll learn in-demand skills like JavaScript and Python…without even knowing it!

Finding Fun Gifts for Oh-So-Fickle Tweens (9 – 12-year-old)

The Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak Deluxe Version

Are there any Potterheads out there? If so, you've probably wondered what it would feel like to sneak around Hogwarts in Harry's invisibility cloak. Well, wonder no longer, because you could try one for yourself!

Through the magic of app technology, it will appear as if your cloak-draped kiddos disappear as you film them on your phone. Have fun recording a few scenes from your favorite Harry Potter books!  

Mario Kart UNO Card Game

Who needs the Nintendo Switch when you've got a stack of Mario Kart UNO cards? Alright, I know UNO might seem lame in comparison to video games, but there's a reason UNO remains one of the most popular card games in the world: it's super fun!

UNO was one of the top-selling games at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now that the cold weather is upon us, it's great to have a stack of UNO cards on-hand to bring the whole family together.

HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer

Do you remember the days of Polaroid instant cameras? Who doesn't love the instant gratification of seeing your photos print immediately after you take them?

Well, there is an easy way for kiddos to get that same experience with their smartphones: use HP's Sprocket Portable Photo Printer! This fun device can link directly to your child’s favorite social media accounts to print photos in a snap.

Plus, HP's app has tons of fun add-on features that help your tweens add messages and emojis to their favorite pics. This is a handy tool for any preteens  who can't stop snapping selfies.

Spread Extra Christmas Cheer With My Bonus Gift Suggestion!

What's that I see under the tree? Oh yeah, there's one bonus gift I wanted to share before "wrapping up" this post!

While a Grandparent Pen Pal Kit might not seem like a "gift" to your little one, I think mommas will agree it's a beautiful idea during this time of year. While Zoom meetings can bring festive cheer to grandma and grandpa, there's nothing like a handwritten note. With thoughtful prompts and fun games, this Grandparent Pen Pal Kit will help your child build a bond that lasts—and what better gift could anyone ask for?

So, what did you think of these gift ideas? What are you going to get your kiddos this holiday season? Tell me what your favorite gift ideas are on social media - DM me @windycitynanny! XOXO

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